IES Engineering Singapore is proud to be one of the leading supplier for calorifiers/ hot water storage tanks in Singapore. Currently, expanding into markets that require stainless steel storage tanks for pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, marine industry and manufacturing industry. IES-Rudert is currently the market leader for the supply of Stainless Steel tanks and Calorifiers due to its long standing history of quality German-technology Stainless Steel storage tanks and Calorifiers.

Key projects include the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Island Country Club, V Hotel at Kallang, V Hotel at Lavendar, Sofitel SO hotel, Yishun Community Hospital, Changi Hospital, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore General Hospital (National Eye Care Centre), South Beach Mixed Development and many more.

IES Engineering Singapore has a team of engineers and skilled workers based locally, they are able to provide the following services whilst observing safety with utmost priority. The services include: Commercial hot water system installation, manufacturer of IES-Rudert Calorifier/ Hot water storage tank, air-sourced heat pump, water-sourced heat pump, energy monitoring system, maintenance services, design and calculation demand for hot water consumption, design and build compact unit, solar heating system and many more.

Professional Installation
Hot Water Storage
Heat Pump
Energy Monitoring System
Maintenance Service
Design and Built Compact Unit System
Design and Built Compact Unit System
Design and Calculation Service
Solar Heating System